Devastatingly Glam with Linda Hallberg

Swedish stunner, Linda Hallberg is an award-winning blogger and makeup specialist known for her easy-going and fun attitude to the industry. Despite being a natural beauty, this artist practices makeup whole-heartedly, experimenting with a wide diversity of styles and tricks, and places unique spins on classically staple techniques. With a globally recognized YouTube channel and blog, Linda’s knowledge and talent has landed her a successful career in the world of social media.

Linda comes from the South Eastern part of Sweden and moved to Stockholm to build a career as a hair and makeup artist. In addition to her work online, she also runs Scandinavia’s largest beauty blog and has won numerous awards for her contributions in blogging. Ultimately, her motto is that makeup should be fun and we should not be afraid to try new things.

Linda’s collection of looks reflects a broad variety of inspirations. From sexy and vogue to painted and wild, this makeup minx channels all different themes such as industrialism, and rainbows and nudity, which she uses to create her unique designs. However, the main feature that we see consistently in her work is that it’s always unique and contemporary. She also regularly uses sleek eyeliner, which gives her looks a more polished, high-fashion appeal.

In some of Linda’s more eccentric makeup designs, you can see her dedication to the nature and quality of makeup. She creates these obscure yet stunning looks, reminiscent of the Matrix with hints of glamor and oodles of creativity. Whether it’s an effect with melting mascara, a wet metallic eye lid or a forest-green lip, Linda’s mind is clearly free-flowing and passionate.

This creative talent is shown just as clearly in her ability to create the ‘no makeup’ look. Here, Linda offers a vividly fresh, glowing complexion with glossy lids and flawless concealer under the eyes. The lashes are coated with white mascara for an effect that is both soft and charming. For the lips, she uses a nude gloss for a feminine and moisturized finish. Finally, the brows are well-groomed and slightly tinted to add some dimension to this subtle look.

To learn how to execute Linda’s style at home, you can visit her YouTube page called Banger Beauty. Through this channel, you can learn original spins on old-school techniques or even try one of her makeup challenges with videos such as “Ten Minute Subway Makeup” or “The Reverse Contour Challenge”.

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