The Guide to Luscious Lips

The look of moist, shapely lips gives us a healthy appeal and adds more dimension to the face. You can also play with lip colors, which help create a more radiant glow. By adding rosy colors to your lips, you’ll craft a yummier and more youthful looking kisser. Here are some fun tips and tricks for enhancing your bouche – pucker up, ladies!




A lip lining pencil helps define the shape of your lips. It can also create the illusion of depth, making your lips appear fuller.  You may begin by lining your lips with a pencil that matches closely with the lipstick you are going to use. For great results, you should start with the cupids bow (the central dip over the upper lip) and slowly outline the contours of your mouth, working your way to the outer corners.

For precise application, you may use the “MUST HAVE PRO LIP BRUSH PRO1L”. The bristles are melded into the ideal shape to fill in your lips, while the tip is great for creating an exact line. To exaggerate the appearance of fullness, you can outline the outer areas slightly above the lip area, producing the illusion of more mass. However, if a tapered lip brush is not for you, some people prefer a more blunted edge to achieve their look. The “MUST HAVE PRO ANGLED LINER BRUSH PRO7M” features dainty angled bristles, which help apply pigments easily.




To make your lips appear fuller, there are two tricks that pro makeup artists swear by. The first is to highlight the skin just above your cupids bow with a highlighter, some concealer, a light lip liner, or even a light matte eyeshadow color. The second trick is to apply a lighter shade of lipstick to the centre of your pout, and blend this in. The lighter area will appear bigger (lighter colors bring the area forward, and darker colors make the area recede, or go backwards, making the area appear smaller) giving you the appearance of fuller, bigger lips!




For the next step, you will apply your lipstick. You will start from the inside of your lip and move toward the corners of your mouth. The next step is choosing the right color to draw more attention to your mouth. If you’re fair skinned, you may wear a variety of pink-based colors, while women with medium complexion should wear earthy tones like maroons and sunset reds.  On the other hand, ladies who have dark skin should wear bright colors like orange or golden beige.




Gloss is the ultimate final touch to lipstick. It provides an extra shine to boost your lips, leaving them sexy and hydrated. This extra step is not necessarily used as an everyday look.  More often, women will add a layer of lip-gloss to play up their lips for evening occasions. Since lips are one of the most sensual parts of our face, they’re one of the most fun to design. They are also the final step of the makeup application process, so you can always finish with a bang!