Just this year, alarming film footage was recovered from Gaza’s Festival of Sacrifice. The live exporter behind this cruelty was no stranger to controversy and was in fact already under official government investigation for committing breaches in Jordan. Early this year, Animals Australia hired a local investigator to find out if this local exporter was still continuing its cruel practice of animal abuse. The findings were devastating.

Since November, more than 4000 Australian cattle were sent to Gaza’s slaughterhouse where an unspeakably cruel fate awaited them. The live exporter behind this animal abuse controversy operates in Australia but its parent company is located in Jordan. Despite breaking the law in Gaza and Jordan in five different cases, the company still continues to be allowed to export animals.

Australian cattle are known to be wilder and larger than their local counterparts in Gaza. For this reason, slaughterhouse workers are unfamiliar with how to treat these “wild animals”. As a result, attempts to kill the cattle result to a brutal operation of torture and prolonged pain for the animals. Cruel practices include slashing the animal’s throat or blinding them in one eye with a metal tube in order to restrain them.


This unimaginably cruel practice does not only affect the animals but also poses risks for human consumers. Investigations showed that the animals were also slaughtered in an unsanitary environment.

Slaughterhouse operations and live animal export have long been regulated by a set of rules and policies. However, it has become clear that live exporters are not complying with these policies—as made clear by the illegal operations of LSS. What is equally concerning is the fact that the government continues to grant LSS export permits despite the fact that the exporter continues to break the law.

The good news is: after receiving damning evidence of the ongoing animal abuse committed by the exporter, the Australian Government stopped providing Gaza with export permits. Unfortunately, there were already more than 4000 live cattle on its way to Gaza when this decision came out. Despite this decision, the live export trade continues to operate and there really is no assurance that other  exporters will comply with regulations once the live stock reach the slaughterhouses.

Ban Live Export and Animals Australia propose the abolition of this live trade altogether. By putting a stop to the cruel animal trade, slaughterhouse operations can be closely monitored, more jobs will be created for Australians and local economy will be given a boost. You can help support this cause by sending emails, making phone calls and posting letters to spread the word.

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