Lotstar is the High-Fashion Makeup Superstar


Blessed with a vision for high fashion and a bold artistry, Lottie is a rising star in the world of cosmetic art. She is blessed with a fabulous gift for creating vogue looks, making her one of the leading go-to makeup artists for runway shows, advertisements and celebs. And with her impressive portfolio, it’s almost impossible to believe that Lottie never originally set out to become a makeup artist. Lottie actually started her first career as a graphic design artist having always felt a powerful creative stirring. However, after a few years, she followed the more glamorous path to an exhilarating career in cosmetic art.

Throughout Lottie’s successful career, she has build an impressive portfolio of makeup looks for some of Hollywood’s hottest A listers. With illustrious clients like Nicole Richie, Taylor Swift and Leighton Meesster, Lottie has firmly set her mark on the face of high profile cosmetic fashion. She has even spruced up the likes of legendary male icons like Robert De Niro and Adrian Grenier, prepping them for the media and red carpet moments.


Lottie’s style reveals a stunning attention to detail and a masterful appreciation for every crevice and contour of the face. She is a true guru of base makeup, revealing a remarkable facility for creating fresh and flawless skin. Lottie also shows a wonderful interest in color and texture such as creamy metallics, chunky sparkles and frosty powders. Her use of eye shadow is also highly creative as she often incorporates uncommon  hues such as pearly turquoises, radical reds and deep oranges. And when it comes to creating unique and modish editorial looks, her portfolio includes an array of ethereal-looking models. Finally, Lottie often reveals a preference for the dimensional blood red lip– the perfect touch of star studded glamour.

Lottie is also renowned for her exceptional freelance work for major clients. Through her work with these companies, Lottie is integral to bringing the brands to life as she prepares the models to become fabulous and camera-ready. Overall, Lottie consistently produces stunning commercial work with makeup art that pulls us deep into the allure and provocation of a fashion.

To check out Lottie’s extensive portfolio, you may visit her website at http://www.lotstar.com/ or follow her on Instagram at http://instagram.com/lotstar.