Combine diva power and electric glam, and you’ve got Luna, the amazingly talented 17-year-old makeup artist form Florida. Specializing in avant-garde beauty, Luna designs dazzling spectacles, some of which seem almost alien. She’s also an active member of the lgbtq community, advocating for the freedom of personal identity. With over 130 thousand followers on Instagram, this reigning glamazon queen is making a colorful impact online.


From heavy metal to holographics, Luna creates it all! She loves experimenting with all types of makeup and crafts, often combining art with glamor. Recently, Luna majorly boosted her ‘likes chart’ with her innovative post called “Eat It”, revealing a sexy neon makeup concept. In this look, the eyes are super played-up like Barbie, complete with sparkling fuchsia shadow, mega false lashes and matching glowing pink lips. Then, as the ultimate dazzle, Luna adds a brilliant lime highlight over the contours of the face: jaw line, nose and chin as well as cheek and brow bone. She finishes it all with a multicoloured cellophane head wrap, creating a spellbinding color experience.


Throughout Luna’s Instagram page, she shows off her ability to push the boundaries. As an inventor, she’s always designing new ways to bedazzle the face, delivering awesome styles, including bewitching winged shadow, super hot brows and gold lipstick— basically, if you can imagine it, she’s done it!


Her participation in the 100 days of makeup trend is another testament to her nonstop imagination. On day 8, Luna participated in the makeup challenge by Kat Von D where she created a look using one product only. Using just the “Vampira” liquid lipstick, she designed her entire face, including cheeks, freckles, brows, lower lash line and lips. Can you say wow? With this impressive ingenuity, Luna’s imagination truly serves as an inspiration for artists who love experimenting.


Luna’s freeness with her work shows us that makeup does not always have to be taken so seriously. At the end of the day, makeup is all about feeling great and Luna knows exactly how to highlight this feature. She always keeps her creations fun and exhilarating, a talent which stems from her ability to see makeup as limitless. Through her unique vision, Luna encourages people to discover a deeper appreciation for makeup, not only as something boundless, but also as something cross-gendered.


To find Luna’s fantastic makeup creations, you can follow her on Instagram or Twitter.