Federica Morello

The Digital Dimension of Makeup: Federica Morello

We don’t normally think of makeup as an extension of digital art. But if you think about it, what better way to express beauty than through the lens of today’s digital age? Everything’s communicated at hyper speed: style is showier, media is flashier, statements are louder — so it’s quite fitting that makeup would get there too! That’s where makeup artist Federica Morello comes in; with hard-hitting impact, she plays with time and space, taking influences from our contemporary world to create bold, expressive looks that capture the rush of living in the now.

Her makeup is an instant message -- PING! Federica virtually plunges us into the fourth and fifth dimensions of makeup, giving us a radical experience of color, shape and aesthetics. She layers-on the illusion of otherworldly space within the face, and banishes the idea of makeup being a 2D medium to decorate a 3D visage. To express this vision, she uses texture like it’s a language of its own, creating all types of surfaces: gooey, shiny, silky and even grainy! In one of her creations, she gives her lips a furry texture, turning her mouth into a fuzzy pout of fuschia fur.

It’s all about creating spatial awareness; sometimes, she’ll even expose the realm of time! She’ll capture the mid-action of applying the product, showing makeup as a dynamic process, not just a finished product. It’s interesting because we’re usually more interested in makeup’s final result, but we rarely consider the active energy that goes into the act of creation. In turn, Federica sees makeup as something mind-shifting and metaphysical. She compels us to mentally interact with her creations, encouraging us to separate illusion from reality, pigment from face and time from a still moment.

Federica is an exhibitionist with lips. Once you’ve claimed you’ve seen it all, you’ll instantly be silenced. She channels all sources of influences to design and texturize her lips, including tribal art, urbanization, weather and most often, the galaxy. Her lip makeup is inspired by the surfaces and patterns of the milky way, star clusters and planets. Meanwhile, from a purely visual standpoint, these designs are brilliantly harmonized. You might describe them as Snapchat-esque; they’ve got this cool filtered effect -- it all feels very techy.

Seeing the world through Federica’s eyes is a ride. But seeing her vision through makeup presents a whole other philosophy on beauty. What’s your philosophy?