Marco Antonio Makeup Artist


The world of high fashion is his playground and beauty is his forte. Meet Marco Antonio, the makeup artist whose name meets the prestige of his talent. Maintaining an impressive celebrity client list and a portfolio packed with elite magazine covers, this one-of-a-kind makeup Mozart is a gem in his industry. In turn, it’s no surprise that he’s collaborated with swarms of big-time photographers who, of course, only pair up with the best.


Marco’s celebrity clientele includes stars like Kesha, Naomi Campbell and Mischa Barton. Yet, in addition to his lovely famous females, he’s also worked with many male celebs, from Chris Rock and Mark Ronson to the guys from Kings of Leon. In fact, a large portion of his portfolio reveals male models for editorials and product advertisements.


His work reveals an uncanny ability to ignite a virile and fresh masculine look. In turn, the men are beautiful, but still retain the natural ruggedness which is a remarkable strength to his work. Marcon is exceptionally diverse in his approach, creating an assortment of high-fashion looks, ranging from handsomely ghostly to exotically sun-kissed. The applaudable variation of techniques make him both a brilliant collaborator and artist.


For the female models, Marco executes exquisite creative choices in his beauty shots. These developments show a combination of risk-taking innovation with classic aesthetics. In his ad work, the model’s makeup is meticulously planned out to celebrate the intricacies of the face, while also staying true to the direction and identity of the brand. He’s blessed with a raw sense of marketing-oriented makeup, a skill which has landed him countless ad contracts.


Marco’s Instagram page is a whole other life force of its own. Showcasing shots of both his professional work and personal antics, he lends a playful boost of personality to his page. As fans can observe, Marco presents himself as a life-loving happy chap, who enjoys being goofy with pals, and emits a style that can be best described as laid back glamor. It’s likely these notable qualities are the golden ticket that’s landed him so many prestigious gigs in the fashion industry.


As an online figure, Marco stands as inspiration to aspiring makeup artists, especially those who want to master both male and female aesthetics. Ultimately, his work is a valuable reminder about the importance of versatility and experimentation.