Magnificent Makeup: Mina’s Got it Mastered

Mina the Magnificent, as she’s known as on Instagram, is the epic definition of taking lip art to the next level. Famous for her wild creativity with makeup and crafts, she fuses these two loves to create tons of must-stare designs. She combines her talent with Photoshop to create some heart-dropping optical illusions. When it comes to pushing the wow-factor of makeup, Mina is first on board to experiment with cosmetics.


Mina is a full-time registered nurse who enjoys experimenting with makeup as a hobby and sharing this passion with the world. She enjoys working with beauty brands and shows off swatches from their various collections on her Instagram page. In her spare time, Mina also creates YouTube tutorials for the re-creation of some of her most difficult looks, while updating her Tumblr page with lists of her favorite products and swatches.


Her Instagram page features tons of different aesthetic inspirations, ranging from candy-crush lips to diamond-bedazzled pouts. She’s also interested in gothic themes such as her black lips with spikes, studded metallic blue lips and blood-stained lip art, which she thanks Dexter, a TV show about a vigilante serial killer, for the idea. She describes herself as having “…a fierce devouring affection to anything that is dark, surreal, strange, vintage, eldritch, and just quaintly macabre.”


But Mina’s lip looks are not always sinister looking, as she’s played with polka-dotted lip art, sparkled ombré lips and even mermaid shell lips. She enjoys anything metallic, glittered or colorful, and loves creating looks that are unique and seemingly impossible to convey through the art of makeup.


Not only does Mina enjoy experimenting with different lip shades and designs, but she also likes playing with eyeshadow looks, especially ones with a rich metallic feel. A common theme in all her looks is her flawless blending of matte and glittered shadows. Of course, when you’re posting super high-rez pics of your work, Mina knows how to pull out all the stops to make her seamless masterpieces. 


Her Instagram name really says it all, Mina the makeup artist is truly magnificent with her diverse skill and obscure but admirable talent. You can check her out on Instagram, on her website or on Tumblr