Minsooky Makeup Mixing Japanese Art & Beauty

Minsooky is not your average artist. Diving into her cultural roots, she mixes traditional Japanese art with unorthodox makeup techniques. This fusion blends the boundaries between fantasy and reality as she turns her face into different renditions of a hyper-beautified geisha. But she’s also got a darker side, a taste for the supernatural, inspired by those eerie Japanese horror film girls. Needless to say, it’s provocative! Her looks are both enchanting and grim, and without a doubt, artistically mesmerizing. It’s nearly impossible to believe she’s self-taught.

Most of Minsooky’s makeup is influenced by shironuri. For those of you who haven’t brushed up on your Japanese lingo, shironuri translates to "painted in white". It refers to the white makeup worn by geishas -- Minsooky’s go-to face canvas. She tends to personalize this look by adding her two top touches: black, smokey eyes and blood-stained lips. It’s got a disturbingly gorgeous effect -- think, the Grudge meets Alice in Wonderland. We’re seeing a cross between two creative worlds: ancient Japan and her own imagination, stirring and all-seeing.


One of Minsooky’s greatest motivators is her ability to sway people’s perceptions through makeup. As she explains in her official bio, “It makes me sad to hear people trivialize makeup as just a way to look presentable or pretty. I've been told many times that makeup will never be considered art.” To defy this belief, Minsooky dedicates herself fully to exploring makeup as an art medium. Moving beyond the mere realm of beauty, her makeup style is a cultural stamp, an indispensable mark on Instagram.  

For Minsooky, makeup genuinely is a fine art, one that warrants as much respect and notoriety as visual arts. Eventually, she’d love to see makeup displayed as a fine art in galleries. She envisions a time where makeup is officially and formally accepted by the big names in the art scene.

Her portfolio of work is exhibited on Patreon.com, a website that connects artists to fans. By showcasing on Patreon, Minsooky aims to achieve her goal of proving the artistic merits of makeup.  At the same time, she works tirelessly on developing new makeup creations, combined with props and costumes, which you can see on her YouTube channel.  

Ready for a creative awakening? Get into Minsooky’s makeup! Or if you’re interested in a collaboration, email her directly at minsookyblog@gmail.com.