The Drag Queen Superstar, Miss Fame


Balancing her personal art endeavors and working as a celebrity makeup artist, Miss Fame is an empire-building sensation. She started out as an editorial model in California, and then moved to New York, paving the way to her epic evolution into a drag queen superstar. Collaborating with the industry’s most influential professionals and featured in the hottest publications, Miss Fame’s talents have become legendary. Her flawless makeup abilities and dazzling prima donna vibe make her a treasured figure to both the beauty industry and the drag world.


Miss Fame’s career took off when she walked during Fashion Week and became a muse to the iconic fashion photographer, Mary McCartney for her book, “Devoted”. Other projects such as Leland Bobbé’s Half-Drag series sparked viral international buzz, landing Fame live interviews with the Huffington Post and VOGUE.it. In 2014, Miss Fame appeared in Brooke Candy’s music video, “Opulence” directed by Steven Klein as well as Jennifer Hudson’s video, “Go All Night”.


You only need one quick glance at Miss Fame’s Instagram page to understand why she’s so fascinating. She shows off a variety of her drag makeup looks, using a rare skill set that’s highly sought after throughout Hollywood. Her style ranges from vintage-inspired glam to a unique blend of high-color drama and couture. She’s able to model each of her looks like a seasoned pro, using her background as a model to strike the perfect poses and angles to celebrate her makeup. Each transformation is always powerful and expressive; it demands pause from everyone who sees it!


People are invited to emulate her different drag looks through her video tutorials on the Miss Fame website. She offers high-quality instructions, explaining each step and application technique as she goes. She also clearly names the products she’s using at each stage, allowing people to follow along with the same set of tools and cosmetics. The videos cover all the best drag makeup tricks, teaching people how to feminize and glamorize their faces at the expert level. Miss Fame uncovers all the goodies, from hiding your 5 O’clock shadow to creating a higher eye socket line. With her, you can discover all the coveted industry hacks.


Check out Miss Fame’s website at www.missfamenyc.com and her Instagram page at www.instagram.com/missfamenyc. For makeup artistry bookings or to schedule Miss Fame for a makeup class, you can contact her by email at patrick@missfamenyc.com.