Mykie Glam & Gore

There are very few makeup artists who dare to tarnish beauty as a specialty. Mykie, the mastermind at Glam & Gore, has a huge online following by doing just that! Turning herself into gruesome monsters, the gutsy artist manages to shock and stir viewers across the globe. With a successful YouTube channel and a killer Instagram page, Mykie is wonderfully ruthless in her pursuit of the perfectly ugly.

Mykie’s unique direction in makeup is surprisingly a self-taught journey. She initially attended school for cinematography and worked at M.A.C makeup for 3 years. She also offered makeup services on the side to make extra money. Yet, her creative calling truly soared when she started experimenting with new makeup techniques she learned over the internet. Today, Mykie has become known for her ability to create ghastly looks on beautifully made-up models.

Mykie’s creations are unspeakably horrifying in their realism and attention to detail. Her expertise with special effects makeup allows her to create these amazing bruised and battered beauties, showing stomach-turning defects such as facial wounds and deadly burns. In one of her boldest looks, she creates a doll-faced blonde with a decaying mouth. It’s blatantly disgusting, yet we just can’t look away because of her impressive mastery over all the yucky little details.

You can also see these looks on the Glam & Gore Instagram page, which shows her uncanny ability to create unique facial illusions. In her creation called Frostbite Elsa, she tarnishes her porcelain face by smothering it with awful black frost bites. The same skill is shown in her Chelsea Grin, where Mykie slices the corners of her face quite realistically.

Mykie’s YouTube channel is equally popular. It features instructional videos for how to achieve some of her most chilling makeup effects. In one of the fan favorites, Mykie shows us how to create a mangled Barbie — the epitome of beauty destroyed! Her other videos continue this theme, offering tutorials to create a Wrath Monster, Zombie Sloth, and other original concepts.

If you’re daring enough to step outside the box and try something new, you can visit the Glam & Gore YouTube channel or social media pages.