NaYeon Kim, Artist & Entrepreneur


NaYeon Kim is a Korean-American artist and entrepreneur with an affinity for animals and makeup. With a dream to inspire people to create positive changes, she believes that all acts of kindness, no matter how small, are important. She advocates for animal rescue projects, and uses her influence in social media to inspire others. Her instagram is filled with tons of dog-loving images, combined with her funky makeup looks, which reflect her personal style. With her love for animals and a refreshing eye for innovation, NaYeon is all about spreading her passion throughout the world.


NaYeon resides in Southern California with her rescued senior dog, Holly Marshmallow. She is a board member of Chews Life Dog Rescue and an advocate of animal rescue and adoption. She uses her platform to bring awareness to current concerns facing abandoned and abused animals. The reality is that across the globe, animals face irresponsible ownership and mass euthanasia in shelters; they are being mistreated in the places where they’re supposed to be safe and protected.


NaYeon sponsors no-kill rescues by partnering with cosmetic companies and donating to these non-profit organizations. This partnership gives her a unique way to share her voice. Plus, she makes a great role model because in addition to her philanthropy, she’s creates beauty looks that are drop-dead mesmerizing!


As her personal makeup style, NaYeon tends to use a lush color palette, favoring emerald greens, wine plums and pinkish mauves. Wigs are also a recurrent theme in her work; she often wears a head of long silver waves, which shine beautifully against her skin. By combining her skills with makeup and her devotion to animals, NaYeon is a special activist who’s committed to making change. You can see the power of her voice radiate throughout her Instagram page. She basically treats social media like an advocacy campaign, covering her page with snapshots of healthy, adorable dogs.


Each Instagram post becomes a tribute to her amazing personality and adoration for all living things. From cute puppies at the beach to cozy dogs in cars, she inspires viewers to appreciate the innocent charm of all animals. As NaYeon explains, “every action and every voice has the potential to make this world a better place.” With her enthusiasm and pure heart, she hopes to motivate people to be more compassionate toward their fellow man and animal.