“My makeup is my Art”, Nerissa Koklamanis

Makeup as an art reaches new heights with Nerissa Koklamanis’ sparkly style. Pushing the expressive potential of makeup to its max, she brilliantly plays with crafts, including glitter and face paint, while using inventive techniques to create whimsical effects.  Each final look offers its own special visual experience, inviting us to connect with its compelling drama. This amazing ability to capture our attention through her work distinguishes Nerissa as one of the most remarkable abstract makeup artists.


Abstraction and beauty become wildly mixed in Nerissa’s work. In many shots, she zooms in on the lips particularly as a source of artistic inspiration. She designs the lips in tons of evocative ways, using the natural grooves and contours of the mouth to cleverly place her splotches and dabs of makeup.


On her Day 52 of her makeup experimentation, Nerissa showcases her lip design talents most ingeniously. Here, she traces over the lip furrows in berry red, creating a sensually suggestive look. Then, she surrounds the lips with random splotches of silver lip gloss and scatters purple sparkles over and around the mouth. The overall snapshot is an explosive expression of lips that we’ve never before seen.


Another unique part of Nerissa’s makeup repertoire is her iconic application methods. For the eyes, she loves using the sponge to apply pigments, and sometimes, she even uses her fingers. She also tends to turn her face pigments into watercolor textures, allowing them to drip loosely over her eyes and cheeks. Like a spontaneous kid who’s fancy-free with their paint set, Nerissa channels the same level of candid passion.


Nerissa also incorporates bizarre and scary themes into her body of work. She shows us, running mascara tears, nose bleeds made of red glitter and watercolor veins. In other posts, she creates faces of nightmares, designing haunting illusions that make the dead come alive. Yet, in each work, Nerissa always maintains her personal touch. No matter how haunting or devilish some of her looks are, she incorporates her flair for abstraction, moving us with each brush stroke.


Follow Nerissa on Instagram at nerissamakeup or her Twitter @NerissaKoko. If you’re interested in collaborating with Nerissa, you can email her at .