Nikki Makeup


With a fresh eye for beauty, Nikki is a freelance makeup artist who specializes in creating high fashion looks. Combining the perfect blend of contemporary edginess and femininity, Nikki’s portfolio concepts are freshly innovative and sexy. She’s also worked with the most prestigious magazines in the industry in addition to an impressive reel of A listers! So, whether you’re a die-hard Vogue fan or makeup junkie, everyone can lust over Nikki’s brilliant work.


Nikki began at the London College of Fashion and went on to pursue her love of makeup as a career. She was awarded her first gig working for a fashion photography teacher where she would beautify the models for the art class. Through this experience, Nikki cemented her interest in aesthetics and passion for her craft. Since moving forward, her work has been shown in revered magazines such as Marie Claire, Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue and Elle.


Her sparkling portfolio of work is beloved by fashion editors and creative advertisers alike. With each of her photos, Nikki gives the models a clean, feminine appeal with a splash of contemporary edge. Each model is enhanced with glowing contours, ethereal lips and lashes for miles—the results practically scream for the camera.


With some creations, Nikki creates sharp geometric eyeliner combined with pale pouty lips for a fashionable contrast of shapes and textures. As part of her style, Nikki also tends to design full arching eyebrows which are softly filled. She also tapers the brows to a sleek point, beautifully showcasing the eyes and brow bone. Another stunning feature in Nikki’s work is her skill with nose contouring. Gently and naturally, she shades along the sides of the bridge and highlights the tip, adding sophistication and dimension to the face.


This artistry is embedded into her editorial work as she enhances each model’s face with statuesque beauty. Moreover, Nikki is able to conceive the exact makeup design to compliment the style and identity of the clothing. The overall creation creates a direct impact on the viewer, providing a memorable and rich fashion experience.