Holy shimmer! Meet the Glitter Pig, the makeup artist who uses glitter as fluently as his native tongue. He glitterizes his eyes and lips, and then, after taking a zoomed-in snapshot of them, adds dreamy digital effects like filters and florals. The result? A mesmerizing, sparkling enhancement of his eyes and lips, turning makeup into something way more heavenly. So if your creative spirits are ever in the need for some makeup inspiration, turn to Glitter Pig, an artist who’s clearly blessed by the makeup gods!


You may be wondering how Glitter Pig got his unique Insta name. It’s somewhat of an ironic joke, considering there’s nothing piggish or clumsy about the pristine perfection of his work. He’s got a trademark for using glitter, along with using amazing digital effects to intensify the colors and lighting. He also tends to add white lens flares to the images, giving them a magical glow. It’s almost as if his creations were touched by an angel — or at least, that best describes the effect he’s going for. Then, as for his colors, he ingeniously uses a pastel range, just like a Victorian tapestry. This vintage softness is the final ingredient that romanticizes his work.


Continuing with this motif of romance, he uses tiny florals to decorate the eyes and lips. The makeup colors compliment the florals, bringing everything into harmony. As another interesting trademark, his eye snapshots always reveal a half-opened lid– being mysterious, maybe? Whatever the reason, his narrowed eye works compositionally to keep our attention focused on the surrounding imagery and makeup. So, bravo all around!


His prized work, “Vintage Flower Queen” on Instagram is a stunning example of his craft. Here he creates a rose gold lip, dripping with gold and surrounded by vintage buds and blooms. The surrounding areas and decorated with glitter, his decor of choice, which produces mesmerizing garden-like imagery. It’s this glorious use of makeup and digital imaging that is both transcending and beautiful.


Glitter Pig gets enormous kudos on Instagram, loved by his fans who praise his ingenuity and talent. His comment boxes are always smothered with countless heart-eyed emojis. No surprise there; his work stands as an objective beauty that elicits nothing but warmth and adoration. Keep it coming, boy!