Pat McGrath, the Master of Vogue Makeup


With a modest upbringing and no formal training, Pat McGrath is one of the most influential and revered make-up artists on the globe! Her Jamaican descent, combined with her understanding of skin tone and naturalism, makes her an expert at celebrating ethnic individualism in all of her models. As a favored authority in the fashion industry, she directs makeup for advertising campaigns, catwalk shows and editorial shoots for the world’s leading fashion houses and magazines. Her genuine love for aesthetics and innovation make her a powerful and influential icon in her field.
During Pat’s earlier years, she became inspired by her mother who was a devoted lover of fashion and would train Pat on the various shades of eye shadow. “She was always mixing up colors because there wasn’t anything out there for black skin,” revealed in an interview with TIME magazine in 2003. By the nineties, the budding makeup master spent ten seasons creating make-up concepts for top designers, Prada and Miu Miu.


Pat is known for her fresh and liberated approach to makeup. According to Armani, “She never used cosmetics to try to mask a woman.” With each of her looks, she is able to cultivate an organic yet vogue aesthetic, which awakens each model’s individual allure and mysticism. She essentially uncovers the innate sensuality of the bare female face. Her work often favors nude or earth tone lips and a soft, barely-there base for the skin. The cheeks are always treated with a seamless radiance, as if glowing from within. Yet, her most remarkable asset is her work with eyeshadow; the creation of abstract designs offers an ethereal high-fashion look.


With the contribution of Pat’s adventurous and inventive make-up techniques, the fashion-world continues to evolve and amaze us. With each new show, you can recognize the fantasy and passion imbued into the concept, revealing the depths of her imagination. As Pat explains to Vogue, “Every designer takes you on a different journey”; it’s a truly transcending experience when we too can enjoy the adventure!


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