PicturResque Makeup with Regina


Ruling as the empress of eye makeup, Regina is a top authority on amping up those windows to the soul. From deep and expressive to clean and natural, Regina can master it all! She showcases her wide range of makeup looks on Instagram, while also maintaining a hot YouTube channel called PICTURRESQUE. Among these social media platforms, she reveals an intuitive and creative technique that’s an undeniable attention-stealer.

Regina’s makeup style is wonderfully diverse, ranging from high-fashion to more experimental. Her fashionable looks offer a seamless balance between softness and edginess. This talent is perfectly shown in her creation entitled, “Slightly Radioactive”. Regina shows us a pale rose lip and cheek against a dewy complexion, contrasted with a set of steamy smokey eyes with a twist. Along the inner corners, she uses a neon metallic yellow, providing an interesting accent.


In her experimental works, we see a genuine love for the colors and textures of makeup. In an older series, she applies pigment in a spray-paint-like way, while leaving natural highlights to the contours of the face. She creates a variety of versions, each with a specific hue which corresponds to a theme. Red produces a devil face, green represents envy and berry signals lust. In her recent work, Regina continues to develop her experimental looks, now focusing on different wig and makeup combinations. One of her most popular posts shows a retro-inspired one; she designs a lavender up-do tied in a bandana, paired with stunning plum colored makeup.


In addition to makeup, Regina is also an accomplished tattoo artist—fake tattoos, that is! With an expert level of patience and control, Regina makes intricate designs, complete with professional shading and details. She executes this skill most innovatively in her post entitled “Rust”. Here, she combines elegant makeup with mesh of feminine tattoos along her neck, décolleté and hand. She completes the creation with a wig of sapphire blue curls, producing a sublimely captivating look.


Regina shares many of her creations on her YouTube channel, teaching her fans how to produce her amazing visions at home. She takes us through a tutorial on natural makeup, as shown in her video, “Spring Roses.” For her more adventurous followers, she includes tutorials, which specialize in wilder techniques such as her recent video, “Friday Night Blue Smokey Eyes”.


No matter what your taste is like, Regina has something for everyone! If you’re interested in subscribing to her channel or contacting her, you can check her out online.