Motivated by her commitment to beauty and detail, Rachel Montgomery has a sharp eye for bringing faces and hair to life. With 12 years in the beauty industry, this gifted Aussie has channeled all her creative juices into makeup and styling. Her well-developed style shows a strong talent for creating classically beautiful looks as well as ones that are cutting-edge in fashion. Her captivating range demonstrates her deep appreciation for the unique quality of every face as she approaches each model with creativity and precision every time.


When working, Rachel deeply considers the unique qualities of the face. As she builds on the natural shapes and colors of the face, she awakens the individual features of each model. This is demonstrated throughout Rachel’s work in advertisements as she consistently shows an affinity for classic beauty. Her models are often natural looking, revealing a healthy, polished glow with a subtle hint of sex appeal. She also often creates nude pouty lips against a bronzed face, creating an earthly beauty that is distinctive in her work. This look is accompanied by full brows and lustrous hair to give the overall appearance of a glam, yet fresh-faced appearance.


Rachel is also the guru of creating die-to-touch hair. She often styles hair in bountiful waves that say, “tousle me, I’m gorgeous!”, revealing a celebration of hair that is consistently vibrant and shiny.  From rich chestnut brown to luxurious warm blonde, Rachel always showcases radiant and dynamic hair.


Another outstanding testament to Rachel’s creativity is her bold and trendy makeup looks. She also reveals playfulness in her approach, using contrasting elements like fiery red lips against soft fair skin or black and white eyeliner. Rachel is also highly inventive and as shown through her innovations such as purple ombre lips, diamond studded eyelids and nails that match eye makeup.


As Rachel considers each face as a fresh canvas, she always applies makeup open-mindedly and understands that every face is truly unique. This approach is very true to her artistic philosophy, which is to let the face be your guide, so that something new is created every time! Regardless of whose face she is beautifying, Rachel firmly understands the value in making someone look and feel fantastic.

Check out Rachel’s website here: http://rachelmontgomery.com/