Raphaela Mua

Bold, daring and eye-catching are words that are too simple for Raphaela Mua’s enchanting makeup designs. Born in South Africa and discovering the art of creativity while growing up in Italy, this rising star makeup artist is inspiring the world of eyeshadow design, one cut crease at a time.

Raphaela’s expertise lies in her eye makeup application skills. She uses bright shades, often all the colors of the rainbow, to accentuate her peepers to create a truly glamorous look. Favoring makeup toppings such as glitter and sequins, Raphaela can skilfully extend any eye or brow line to create a whole new canvas. 

With an attention to detail that is impeccable, Raphaela paints the most intricate shapes on her lids to perfection. From stars to hearts and even tiny images such as cactuses, Raphaela views the eyes as a blank canvas, screaming to be appreciated with color, art and design. 

Having developed a nearly 85,000 strong following on her Instagram page, Raphaela places a large part of her work on educating her followers. She explains through her posts the best application techniques and which products to use to generate eye-popping results.

Her Instagram page itself is inspiring. Even makeup novices will feel inspired when they first stumble across her page. Bright and bold colors fill the screens. Enchanting eyeshadow looks that one can lose themselves in for hours flood one’s vision and there is the unspoken message across her page that screams – be bold, be bright and feel beautiful, that draws her followers back again and again. 

Her Youtube channel is no different. Showing compassion and patience for her make up addicted followers, Raphaela takes the time to carefully create videos of her expert eye makeup application which thoroughly and clearly explain each step she takes.

Raphaela is as colouful in personality as she is in her makeup designs, which is why several makeup companies have desired to collaborate and work with her. With her work creating splashes of color across the world, Raphaela is sure to be the next big star in designing unique eye makeup looks.