Raw Beauty Kristi


RawBeautyKristi is a place where everyone can feel confident and free. With an outspoken YouTube Channel and a very real personality, Kristi shows us how to harness our love for cosmetics, while still respecting and valuing our own uniqueness. Her posts offer honest and raw information on makeup and trending social issues, providing a genuine outlook on life and beauty.


Kristi’s YouTube Channel is all about being authentic and real. She brings a fresh energy to each post, combined with a wacky sense of humor and creative language. It’s her candid performance that makes her makeup tutorials and lifestyle advice so engaging.


For her lifestyle videos, Kristi shares her thoughts on issues such as gay marriage and long distance relationships. She steers clear of clichéd opinions and stereotypes to provide valuable advice that we can really use. Her unconstrained style is also unleashed in her Fail Blooper videos. Here, Kristi posts the videos which were comprised in funny ways. In a recent version, we hear Kristi’s husband chit-chatting with her in the background and at the end of the video, she busts out some Eminem lyrics for our entertainment.


For her makeup videos, Kristi shares her unique style and creative flair. In her Red Smokey Eye tutorial, she shows us the best brush tools and shadow to use for creating sexy crimson eyes. In one of her more playful videos, Kristi creates a Mrs. Mia Wallace-inspired look, based on the movie Pulp Fiction. With each step in the tutorial, Kristi offers clear-cut instructions, guiding us through the right products and application. The videos are easy to follow and delivered in a friendly, down-to-earth way that makes you feel like you’re hanging out with the girls.


Kristi’s instagram page is just as fun and straightforward. She shares her personal makeup looks which are comprised of fantasy-based creations and glamor shots. For the beauty looks, this Selfie Queen has a signature look that is relatively consistent throughout most of her work. She loves pale, matte skin contrasted with super long lashes. The mouth is sensually accentuated with a crisp liner and a sharp cupid’s bow. She also enjoys playing with different wig styles and colors to match each creation.


In addition to the makeup videos, Kristi shares her humor and light-heartedness throughout her Instagram page. One of her most inspirational posts features herself squishing her jaw into her neck, creating a double chin. By openly posting a less flattering photo, she showcases her confidence and lax attitude toward haters. She’s also rebelling against the exhausting selfie trend that has captured thousands of women who are obsessed with taking the “perfect picture”. Here, Kristi teaches us that social media should not be taken so seriously, while promoting self-love.