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*Only 1 coupon code can be used on the website at a time* 


Furless Repeat Offenders


1.      New members who are creating store accounts for the first time automatically earn 20 welcome points

2.      The reward system for Furless Repeat Offenders is as follows:

         100 points = $5 off

         200 points = $10 off

         300 points = $20 off

         500 points = $25 off


Earning Ratio


1.      Every $1 spent is equivalent to 1 point earned

2.      The calculation of the number of points awarded for an order excludes: taxes, shipping fees, store credits, discounts applied via coupon

         codes, and discount rules in the order

3.      Earning ratio is calculated based on the currency specified on the site


Birthday Bonus


1.      A yearly birthday bonus is equivalent to 50 points

2.      To be eligible for the birthday bonus, the member’s loyalty account must be active 

3.      To be eligible for the birthday bonus, a member needs to register their birthday on their Account page no later than the last day of their

         birthday month. In this case, the birthday bonus will be awarded at the end of that month

4.      If a member registers their birthday before the beginning of their birthday month, the birthday bonus is awarded at the beginning of their

         birthday month

5.      To be eligible for the birthday bonus, a member must have made at least one lifetime qualifying order. A lifetime qualifying order

         refers to a fulfilled or shipped order that has not been cancelled or refunded

6.      The qualifying order must be made at least 30 days before the first day of the member’s birthday month if they want to qualify for the birthday 

         bonus for that calendar year

7.      Once qualified, a member will receive their birthday bonus every year until they disable the Birthday Bonus option

8.      Members can promote the birthday bonus offer on their social media and email accounts by sharing the link


Gift Certificates


1.      Customers will always earn points for orders that are paid for via gift certificates

2.      Customers earn points when an order is marked as “Shipped”


Order Point Subtractions


1. Points earned from an order may later be subtracted from a member’s account under the following conditions: 

-   If an order status is marked as “Cancelled” or “Declined”

-   If an order contains a refunded amount, then points will be subtracted based on the refunded amount

-   If an order status is marked as “Refunded” but there is no refunded amount value, all points originally earned for that order will be subtracted