Roberta Vixen

Vixen by name, vixen by nature…

Roberta Vixen’s designs demand attention. With bold lines and explosive color, her talent for makeup artistry shines.

Roberta’s eyeliner skills are on point. Literally. With the perfect winged lid, this Italian beauty could use the sharpness of her eyeliner as a weapon. Each makeup look is cutting edge, with bold explosive pigments and striking designs indulging the senses and hinting towards a fresh and futuristic romanticism. 

Roberta’s portfolio of looks is dominated by stunning eye makeup designs. Her prominent use of color, from mustard, to lime, to soft plum is showcased by her exceptional brush skills that fuse and blend eyeshadow pigments to perfection.

Her confident use of glitter, pearl, gold flecks, rhinestones and shimmer adds depth and dimension. Her use of line varies from the simple Egyptian wing with long feminine curves and intricate patterns reminiscent of tribal tattoos befitting a warrior. Flawless manicured brows frame these feminine looks. The thick dark arch creates drama and anchors the designs. She occasionally completes her look with colored contacts. 

Soft dewy skin appears iridescent, with shimmers highlighting the bridge of the nose and cheekbones. This neutral palette acts as the ideal canvas for her art, where shimmer emerges from glistening skin. Roberta‘s attention to detail sees beauty spots in the shape of hearts, stars and gemstones. Her flair for the dramatic creates intensity and seduction, the foundation of her brand. 

The height of her creativity shines with her lip art. Like her eye designs, Roberta’s lipstick application is flawless. It reflects her signature sass by creating depth with pigment and the bold use of metallics, transitioning shades, neon, glitter, matte, gloss and a festive marbling technique. Her liquid metal aesthetic creates depth with colored gemstones, giving the much sought after bee-stung look. The metallic pouts dominate, drawing on a futuristic allure that separates this emerging artist from the mediocre. 

Roberta Vixen’s creations take you on a journey. They venture beyond the confines of realism and capture your imagination. Her glamor is a blend of ultramodern Hollywood opulence, with a splash of European flair.

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