A Wild Taste of Rose Shock

At only 21 years old, Rose has already made her mark in the beauty blogging world. Known for her colorful doe-eyed looks, Rose is that makeover party you always wanted. She’s also the queen of bling when it comes to nail art, pulling out all the stops from jewels to glitz. With each creation, Rose never fails to captivate her fans with new ideas, as seen by her impressive count of 226 K Instagram followers. Ya, she rocks.


Rose’s arsenal of random surprises is endless! She has a mild obsession with anime, the Japanese style of cartoon characters. Inspired by this aesthetic, Rose tends to design her looks with enormous doll eyes and uses colorful wigs. She also covers her Instagram page with all different splashes of fun, from costume dress-up selfies to gothic makeup. She writes about these inspirations on her blog. Unlike your typical makeup blog, Rose offers much more than your typical beauty tutorial. Her blog offer an underground vibe with images of satanic prints, cool jewellery and pop cult outfits.


In addition to all that, she offers a special brand of cult-like makeup. Her work employs dark themes as she plunges her fans into a world of fun and freaky. Rose’s dark summer look post on Instagram is a perfect example of her rocking style. She ironically uses black and charcoal eye shadow colors, which she sarcastically labels as “summer makeup”. Jokes aside, Rose is quite gifted with her makeup tools, producing seamless blending, sleek brows and contoured lips.


Despite all the online attention surrounding Rose, she humbly describes herself as a weirdo just trying to have fun. As she explains, she “has an obsession to change looks every day, like a chameleon, but never blend in.” Her desire to be different becomes a powerful statement in her self-expression through makeup. With each creation, Rose shows us that makeup doesn’t have to be about conforming, but rather a way to be yourself.


Another huge part of Rose’s mantra is her love for Popcult. She constantly attends different Popcult conventions, which is getting even more popular and bigger each year. At these events, musicians are featured in a large auditorium, along with contests and prizes.


Rose’s blog can be found and you may contact her personally through email You can also follow her on Instagram at