Roshar: Vogue & Fantasy


Roshar is a global makeup artist known for his fanciful yet vogue style. Based in both New York and Los Angeles, his work has been featured in the world’s hottest magazines from Harper’s Bazaar to Glamour. Channeling fantasy-based themes in his aesthetic, Roshar is a visionary in his use of expressive color and design. With his golden pots of skill and imagination, Roshar is an inspiring force across online beauty communities and practicing artists internationally.


Starting out from his small-town Texan roots, Roshar left home at the tender age of 15 to start a life in the beauty industry. He began doing makeup to pay his rent and continued to perfect his distinct and uncanny style that we see today. Since his youth, Roshar was always enraptured with painting and fashion. In the 80s and early 90s, he was immersed in the underground club world, motivating him to explore the art of role play and costumes, which contributed to his unique vision.


Roshar’s work is marked for its detail-oriented touches and spotless skin. However, it’s his high-fashion use of color that makes him truly inspirational. Throughout his work, he creates the most brilliant color concepts, combining hues and tones in radiantly stunning ways. Some creations are slightly whimsical, as seen through one of his editorial shots, showing a model with pale lavender cheeks and starburst yellow lipstick and another one wearing pink smoky eyes against a nude face. Other creations are more delicate and feminine such as his use of light brown shadow with a juicy fuchsia pout or bronzed cheeks with silver eyelids.


His playful use of color extends beautifully to his fantasy-themed work. From abstract and dramatic to eerie and futuristic, Roshar produces sublime concepts, while offering a seamless balance between being imaginative and haute. In one of his mesmerizing works, he channels the aesthetic influences of a dark clown. The ivory-face model features two sapphire-colored panda circles over each eye, with diffused edges and a watery texture. Her lips are gun-metal onyx with an intense sheen, creating a ghostly pout against her white, flawless skin.


With this novelty and mastery in Roshar’s designs, it’s no surprise that he started at such a young age. His perseverance and success through his career stands as a lesson for aspiring makeup artists that hard work and true talent can become recognized on an international scale.