Ryan Burke Photography


Blessed with a rare eye for strange beauty, Ryan specializes in creating fantastical expressions of different human personas. As both a photographer and makeup artist, Ryan can combine technology and lighting effects with cosmetics to produce extraordinary portraits. Through his decorative use of crafts and color, Ryan offers a cool blend of visual arts and makeup art that drives our senses to never-before-seen places.


Ryan’s portfolio consists of characters, self-portraits and editorial work. In each creation, he shows us a perspective on human styling that is completely unfamiliar from anything we usually see. He doesn’t rely on conventional hair, makeup or accessories, but instead, he creates an aesthetic through an unusual application of makeup and materials. Some of his materials include metallic cut-outs, plants and chains. He combines these things to create radical personas that seem to stem from another universe!


In Ryan’s character series, his models embody a zany cross between the Rocky Horror Picture Show and Art Nouveau. Ryan shows us a variety of bizarre looks. We see a black feather-covered knight with fierce metallic eyes, a Moulin-rouge lady with gothic makeup, and a troll-like character with endless wild purple hair. Ultimately, when it comes to Ryan Burke, we’re always in for a show!


Ryan’s portfolio includes a captivating self-portrait series. In each shot, Ryan transforms himself into a different character using makeup, lighting effects and textural add-ons. His self-made characters always reveal their own whimsical individuality. Some versions are more organic, featuring twiggy hair pieces, while some creations are more Sci Phi inspired, showing futuristic makeup and geometric outfits. Yet, with each character, Ryan manages to strike a chord deep within us, transmitting a connection with the viewer and inviting us to share his fantasy.


His portraits of models also maintain this powerful presence, yet they take on a stronger fashion direction. He also keeps the faces soft and somber, while using elements such as expressive backgrounds and accessories to develop the model’s persona. Another distinguishing feature in his portraits is how he captures the models in a such a calm manner. There is always a mysterious sense of peace and stillness with each model.


If you’d like to check out more of Ryan’s work in photography and makeup, you can visit his website at Ryan Burke Photography or follow him on Instagram.