Get Into Character with Sarah Von Esche


Self-taught and super skilled, Sarah Von Esche is a marvellous face and body artist based in a small town in Germany. From head to toe, she completely transforms her models, turning them into entirely new individuals or creatures. Finding inspiration from comic book heroes, fairy tales and movies, she enjoys remaking iconic characters. Her body designs are another amazing part of her repertoire, turning women’s bodies into fabulous works of art.


Sarah’s work reflects a strong appreciation for fine painting. She treats her color blends and brush strokes as carefully and masterfully as a seasoned painter. As a result, her finished products are always precisely executed, revealing a true reflection of the character she is recreating. A couple of fan favorites are her Avatar and Edward Scissor Hands looks. She reveals every artistic consideration, from the shape of the mouth to the exact depth of the facial contours in order to reconstruct the heart and soul of the character.


In some of her personal freestyle work, Sarah is free to express more of her own exclusive style. Her use of bright colors and skull imagery is reminiscent of Ed Hardy’s American tattoo art. However, Sarah integrates her own brand of design, adding painterly effects and illusionary makeup effects.


She shows off her personalized style in her super hero series, remaking all our cult-classic faves like the Joker, Cat Woman and Spider Man. In one of her recent hero creations, she remakes Dead Pool. She nails each part, emulating the red and black body suit, the geometry of the mask and even the shoulder bag, which carries the character’s lethal weapons.


In addition to characters, Sarah also loves playing with movie style makeup effects. In December 2015, she turned a young woman into a gruesome old Mrs Claus with awful gashes on her face on décolleté. She uses a contouring palette, paint and latex to develop realistic aged wrinkles as well as a detailed festering look to the wounds, topped with yellowish, bluish swelling of the skin. The entire work truly shows off the amazing transformative power of makeup art!


Sarah’s talent diversifies even further! Her work with body art is incredibly intricate. Specializing in a specific niche, which focuses on designing the baby bumps of expectant mothers, Sarah uses maternity as her canvas! From ornamental belly designs to baby angel painting, Sarah’s images glorify the beauty of mother hood in the most creative and sensitive way.