Shayla’s Journey to MUA Stardom

The Los Angeles based cosmetics queen, Makeup Shayla skyrocketed her own career with a keen use of social media.  With an effective online marketing strategy, Shayla is now widely loved for her bold “here I am” approach to makeup.  As a result, people take notice of Shayla’s lively style – stunning eyebrows and blinged-out nails, making Shayla stand out as one of the most inspiring self-made makeup artists.


Shayla began as a cosmetics specialist at M.A.C for seven years and freelanced on the side before moving to L.A to make her mark in the beauty industry.  To promote herself, she began displaying her work on Instagram and gradually amassed an impressive following of beauty fanatics. Her career soared drastically when she worked with Flo Rida for the Grammys through a friend’s referral. With her superb work shared with the media, Shayla gained strong recognition and accrued even more adoring fans and clients. Shayla now has over 600 000 Instagram followers and over a million You Tube views!


Shayla’s makeup style is distinctively big and bold. One of her major trademarks are a thick brow, beautifully defined within a healthy-looking arch shape.  The lashes are equally prominent, using a foxy liquid lash line, which is extended into a cat eye.  She tends to accentuate this daring look with thick false lashes to make the eyes pop and sparkle. She is also an ace with lips, creating fun Barbie-like pouts painted with cute pastel blues and pinks.


In terms of the overall canvas, Shayla creates a bright, yet dewy-looking complexion to bring the face forward.  She is also a magician with contouring, showing a remarkable ability to enhance features in the most flattering manner. Also, not only is she able to create this illusion flawlessly, but the results appear delightfully natural.


As Shayla says, “makeup and hair makes everything better”. There’s nothing like a highly skilled beauty technician to help you feel healthier and happier.  You can check out Shayla’s Instagram page at and for business inquiries or bookings, you may contact her at You can also follow Shayla on Twitter