Getting Freaky with Sokolum


For a kinky spin on your typical makeup look, you can look to Heather whose artistry takes a gutsy and alternative approach to beauty. As an artist, cosmetics junkie and hair experimentalist, this bold artist is a wiz at using makeup in new and exciting ways. From shaved heads and neon dye to freaky vamp looks, Heather is fascinatingly unique. Her successful You Tube channel and wild Instagram page is a reflection of her fearless spirit—definitely one to follow.


Heather started by making makeup tutorials, teaching ladies how to capture her open-minded looks. She later created a blog to compliment the channel. However, her YouTube channel remains her primary platform for sharing her work. The channel offers instructional videos for makeup, hair and nails. You can find the perfect steps for styling your synthetic dread locks, create an awesome faux hawk or design the coolest green slime nails. There is room for exploration for every girl with a free-minded spirit who wants to learn a variety of cutting-edge looks.


On Instagram, Heather spreads her unique vision of style and beauty. As one of her trademark accents, she tends to draw a funky color over the eye brows. She also enhances their shape in a sharp exaggerated way, creating boldly sexy shape that can only be worn by those who are not afraid to stand out. Another major feature in her work is the use of black. Using black shadow and liner, she creates a gloomy yet chic look, combined with a hot winged lash line.


The makeup extremist is also known for her freaky effects. She channels themes of religion and folklore into her makeup concepts to add an interesting narrative element. In one of her creative videos, she teaches fans how to create an Albino Devil face. Her attention to details is fascinating as she hits all the marks, showing us how to create the creepy decaying hair, rotting teeth and ghoulish eyes. In another popular video, she guides us through the look called the Angel of Death. She instructs viewers on how to create the illusion of cracking skin and supernatural eyes.


The combination of her out-of-the-box makeup tutorials and alternative approach to hair and nails makes Heather a powerful figure in the world of alternative aesthetics.