Fall into Fantasy with Suuz Brouwer


Suuz Brouwer is a one-of-a-kind artist, touched by a magnificent creative force. Specializing in fantasy avant-garde makeup, she designs mesmerizing looks that seem born from another world. To this Netherlands-based artist, makeup is not just a beautifier– it’s a transcending experience! She shares this vision with her 54 thousand Instagram followers, spreading new ways of seeing to people all over the map. As she shares her genius, we are nudged out of our comfort zones and invited to dive deeper into our love for makeup!


Suuz’s fantasy looks evoke the realm of Pan’s Labyrinth with a touch of Neverland. Using gems, shimmer and a soft pastel palette, each look offers a rare beauty, unseen by standard fashion magazines. Her makeup always seems to have a special magic of its own, infused with sublime energy and colors.


You can really sense her love for the fluidity of makeup in her active lip design video. In this original piece, she applies a gooey black paint over the model’s peach lips. She gracefully applies the black color, allowing the paint to move naturally around the curve of the lips to enhance the texture. The entire video is lovely in its representation of makeup as a fluid, moving force.


Suuz’s editorial work also reflects this style. On her website, she showcases a large body of work dedicated to igniting her models’ eyes and lips in all sorts of spellbinding ways. The lip collection is particularly astonishing, including a glowing snowy pout, a spray painted glow-in-the-dark version, and a juicy lava-like purple one. The range of ideas is truly endless when it comes to Suuz and her makeup brush.


Her website also shows off her impressive work in special effects makeup. From scary to enchanting, Suuz shares a wide variety of concepts to demonstrate her expertise. She incorporates body art as well by painting over the décolleté in addition to the face. This technique makes the illusions even more realistic. Her appreciation for the fantasy genre really shines through her ability to transform her models into all sorts of captivating creatures, spirits and animals.


To top it all off, Suuz is an accomplished bridal makeup artist. The softness of her technique lends itself brilliantly to making brides look like angels on their big day. You can browse through her bridal portfolio work here.