Tal Paleg

Beauty is in the details for Tal Peleg

Getting lost in the intricate details of Tal Peleg’s artistry, it's easy to forget that her sharp skill is often confined to a single eyelid. A self-proclaimed dreamer, her style celebrates youthful innocence of childhood films, pays homage to classic art, and uses a refined and precise attention to detail to celebrate popular culture, motherhood and her own whimsical fantasy.

A visual artist from Israel, Tal Peleg fuses her skills and love in makeup and design to create stunning artworks on the eyelid that she shares with the world. This understanding of design means she never shies away from bright colors and daring ideas, instead finding balance in her art, with each piece taking an average of three hours to complete.

Using eyes as her canvas, she manipulates colors and shapes to perfect precision. Her tools are the tiny, thin brushes that she uses to paint the minuscule details in her works. Whether she's recreating the abstract palates of Vincent Van Gogh and Salvador Dali, or the modern Disney fairy tales like Beauty and the Beast and The Little Mermaid, every artwork is astonishing because it holds significance to the composer. Each is a part of her heart and soul on display.

While her work seems almost impossible to replicate, a scroll through Tal Peleg’s feed highlights the growth she has achieved over just a few years. Even in simpler makeup styles, she was never afraid of color and has held onto her signature black winged eyeliner over the years.

Working with good quality, highly pigmented products is essential in creating her works of art, with the occasional dramatic artwork comprising of something special, like rhinestones, strings or even aluminium foil to complete the look. Each look is finished with a crisp, sharp eyeliner to frame her artworks and make her ice blue eyes pop. It’s impossible not to get lost in her eyes, the window to the soul, as she bares her inner thoughts and feelings through her eyelid artwork as if it were the window’s curtain.

With half a million followers on Facebook and 284k on Instagram, it’s clear that the celebration of her childhood memories and cultural interests to perfection is celebrated globally. For her, beauty is in the details. Follow Tal Peleg on Instagram today [https://www.instagram.com/tal_peleg/] for magical inspiration that will transport you into your dreams.