Tatiana’s Dream-Making Makeup

If we were to dream of makeup in our sleep, Tatiana would make this splendor a reality. Skilled with an eye for artistry and fantasy, and a flawless handling of her brush, this gifted gal is the Casanova of makeup – she can practically make the pigments swoon! Her luscious color blends feel almost fairy-touched, while her feathery light touch creates effortless blooms of beauty. So, welcome the MUA who puts the Wonderland experience into her work, making us all fall in love with the art of makeup over and over.


Taking a gander through Tatiana’s Instagram page is a thrilling high unlike any other. Her brush strokes are delightfully dynamic as she takes a painterly approach to her application. Like an impressionist landscape painting, she emulates the lightness and movement of nature into every wisp of her brush.


As customary in her work, she tends to narrow down one main feature. Whether it’s the eyes or lips, she showcases them as a gorgeous art piece, combined with her sensitive appreciation for shape and texture. Among one of her most unique developments, she disperses tiny pearls around the model’s eye, leaving the surrounding skin nude and glowing. In many other eye designs, she blends vivid colors together and adds drama with shimmer and sequins. That extra sparkle and dimension is perfectly placed to give the look some serious fire.


She lends the same passion to her treatment of lips. Leaving trails of lipstick smudged elegantly onto the face, she unleashes the fluidity of the product in its natural form. The effect can only be described as makeup art poetry. Using painterly strokes as a preferred technique, she loves designing the lips with dynamic dabs of color. It’s as if the lips are captured in an instant moment of beauty.


Other designs include milky smooth blends of liquid lipstick to turn the model’s pucker into lovely marble. In each creation, she manages to lend a rare sense of romance to the loose and unguarded brush strokes. Tatiana is essentially setting her makeup free!


Makeup artists who live and breathe their craft will experience a whole new sense of excitement after viewing Tatiana’s Instagram page.