Combining costume makeup with fashion, Tess Sanders certainly knows how to put creativity and fun into cosmetic art. With her fearless and imaginative approach, her non-conformist techniques push the limits, while still showing a professional ability to accentuate the soft forms of the female face. Her collection of captivating looks scream, “the sky is the limit”, reminding us of the boundless options we have as artists of our own faces.


Tess reveals a style that is strongly inspired by costume and fantasy themes. Many of her looks are reminiscent of mesmerizing folk creatures or the dark supernatural. Her work includes remarkably original interpretations of these personas such as a ghostly pale face with starburst eyes, a set of woodland fairy eyes with sparkling cheeks, or a pair of gothic-influenced green metallic eyes. Through her dynamic portfolio, we can see how Tess expertly uses various patterns and colors to bring such unique personas to life.


In order to breathe life into these fantastic creations, Tess focuses heavily on developing the eyes and brows. As her iconic move, Tess will use an array of unconventional hues to enhance the eye shape and color. She also tends to create dreamy wing shapes with bold sweeps of eye shadow. The eyes are always framed by thick brows, which are sometimes filled-in with crazy colors such as red and green, and are faded in the ombre style. In terms of hair, Tess likes to keep it sleek and straight, leaving her artwork as the main focal point.


To view the work of Tess Sanders, visit her Instagram page at http://instagram.com/tessmua for wonderfully innovative makeup inspirations. If you are interested in booking an appointment or learning more, you may contact Tess at tesssanders01@hotmail.com.