Love life with The Gay Beards


Driven by their common passion for love and creativity, Brian and Jonathan, are two life-long bearded buddies with a mission to spread smiles and positivity throughout the world. Known as The Gay Beards, the pair have created a growing platform dedicated to transforming their beards in the most bizarre ways. According to the tale, ever since the very first flowers landed on their beards, the two became forever inspired by this magic, and continued to bring life to their beards. With humor running through their veins, they create feel-good moments to bring more laughter and happiness to the world.


Having been best friends since they were eight years old, Brian and Jonathan have developed a strong friendship and creative bond. Through their special buddyship, the two have set sail on a quirky journey of beard decorating. They snapshot the funny final product and sell the images on their website as high-quality prints.


The variety of beard transformations these guys come up with reach a genius level of kooky! From curly ribbon beards and paint-splattered mane to Lego Block-covered ones, they both clearly love to have fun and enjoy a good laugh. Also, with each photo, they make an awkward blank stare at the viewer, adding to the absurdity of the shot. It’s basically randomness at its best!


The fab duo have a comedy YouTube channel, also named after their alias, The Gay Beards. They create hilarious videos, making fun of today’s urban trends and social stereotypes, encouraging viewers to enjoy a more light-hearted perspective on life. In their hysterical video, “How to be a Hispters”, Brian and Jonathan offer semi-sarcastic instructions on how to embody the hipster lifestyle, creating a parody of their cultural norms.


The video, “Boyfriend Application” is also a parody, as Brian and Jonathan turn a personal ad into an extravagant joke. Taking on the role of super divas, they list over-the-top requirements for their boyfriends to be. As one of the points on Brian’s checklist, he reveals that his boyfriend must have some level of royalty or kinghood, as well as a pilot’s license because he needs his co-pilot in life—he’s just not going to fly the plane.

At the heart of the pair’s shenanigans, they just want to make people laugh. Over time, we see how positivity can become such an underrated value. These guys show us that we need to occasionally take a step back to love life and of course, remember to smile!