Skulls have never looked so gorgeous! Meet Vanessa Davis, the mixed media artist who turns faces into wildly decked-out and bedazzled skeletons.  Her skull faces pack a wildly psychedelic punch, designed with countless crafts and details to bling them out – who knew the undead could look so alive! Nobody can get enough of Vanessa’s billion shades of awesome – it’s makeup porn!

The sources of inspiration are endless for Vanessa’s bottomless pit of imagination. She often embraces the classic style of tattoo art, taking on an rock chick type of aesthetic. The colors are bright and  saturated while the imagery is highly intense and graphic. Vanessa also takes stylistic ideas from Hindu art. In some looks, she depicts the third eye symbol as well as some henna-like designs, adding an essence of mysticism and culture to her work.

Vanessa uses image-editing technology to enhance her skull faces. This tool allows her to add more pop and pizzazz to the various textures and colors in her images. As a mixed media artist, Vanessa understands the importance of using all types of vehicles to express herself.

The Golden Punk Skull is one of Vanessa’s most elaborate developments. She uses a goldmine of metallic studs and spikes, along with chunky pastel jewels, and applies them decoratively along her realistically hollowed-out skull face. The effect is continued onto the body, including her fingers, which she turns into lipstick tubes. And cleverly, her middle finger is raised, covered by a paper cut-out lipstick with bones drawn on the tube. There’s no room for manners here – Vanessa is much too fabulous!

Vanessa also has a healthy obsession with holography. It’s a photographic technique that records the light scattered from an object, making it appear three-dimensional. She infuses this technique into some of her skull looks to make the bones appear as if they’re radiating off her face.

You can learn how to create these radical skull designs on Vanessa’s YouTube channel, but prepare to have a whole lot of patience. Great results take time– a small price to way for amazingness!