Tips For Creating Perfect Eyebrows


If we consider our eyebrows the frame for the face, they must always be kept defined and neat. When eyebrows are well groomed and colored, they draw attention to the eyes and accentuate them. Defining your eyebrows is also important for giving the face a stronger look, adding a touch of POW to your stare!

Here are some helpful tips and tricks for making the perfect eyebrows.



Grooming your eyebrows gives your face a more refined and fresh look. You may use a brow and lash groomer to brush your eyebrows into place. We recommend the MUST HAVE PRO LASH/BROW GROOMER, which is made from sturdy metal to separate your lashes flawlessly and tame unruly brows. To hold the brows in place, you can add a little bit of clear mascara or hair gel. Some women even use wax to hold their brows in place and achieve longer lasting shape.


Shaping your brows is a vital part of adding drama to your face.  If your brows fall short, you can lengthen them at the ends using an eyebrow liner. You can also add thickness by lining the color slightly above the contours of your brow. You should apply with an angled liner brush or a flat liner to get a controlled line. For fantastic results, ladies may use the PURPLE ANGLED LINER BRUSH, which features harder bristles for maximized control over the color and nice thin lines.


Another function of the brow groomer is to blend your eyebrow color into the skin. After applying your eyebrow pencil or shadow to your brows, run the brush through the makeup until the color seamlessly blends with your natural eyebrow color.


The final tip for achieving incredible brows is choosing the right color. If you’re blonde with fair brows, you may choose a light brown color– anything darker would appear too fake and cartoon-like. If you have a darker complexion and dark brows, you may use a dark brown eyebrow pencil. Ladies who can use jet-black have ebony colored hair and brows.

Be sure to share this guide with your friends to help others learn to create luxurious brows that beautifully frame the face all day long.