Viva Glam Kay

Based in Orlando, Kay Martinez, known as viva glam, is both a mommy and a MUA, who really knows how to spice up her beauty routines. Her Instagram page, Viva Glam Kay is dedicated to two of her favorite things: show-stopping makeup looks and family. With over 450k followers, this latina bombshell is an inspiration to stylish moms and makeup lovers around the world.


True to her nickname, Kay is without a doubt viva glam! In all her pics, she’s has glistening mocha skin, royalty lashes and sexy brows. It also doesn’t hurt that she’s an absolute whiz when it comes to the art of selfies, allowing her to show off her makeup with the most stunning angles. The entire package is beautifully reminiscent of Rihanna; Kay really exudes that star status and wow factor that make us want to stare!


Yet Kay’s instagram page is not only a space for beauty shots, but also a testament to her maternal nature. Celebrating her well-earned rep as a hot mama, Kay includes an array of tender photos with herself and her daughter. From sleepy car ride selfies to sweet affectionate moments, she loves to share fun snapshots of her family life.


In one of her most adorable shots, Kay transforms herself and her daughter into characters from the Disney movie, “101 Dalmations”. Her daughter is Krewella, wearing red lipstick, blue eye shadow and best of all, the iconic hairdo: half grey and half black tresses. Kay compliments the costume by dressing herself up as a Dalmatian puppy. The outfit is complete with black spots over a white-painted face and rosy cheeks for a cute touch.


Kay also has a mommy blog called Glamomrous Life Happy Wife. Here, she writes about her experiences and thoughts on being a new mom, including random stories like shopping for bath toys or finding the best deal on crayons. She also includes a sweet post about how she fell in love with her husband.


Through these heartwarming posts and her glam Instagram page, Kay proves that you can always be just as sparkly as you feel.