Viviana V

Keepin’ it Real with Viviana V

She’s brilliant and freakaaay—Viviana V, the far-out Instagrammer and tweeter, is known for her amusing online persona and unique makeup tricks. With a knack for creating supernatural looks, she leaves viewers in awe of her imaginative style. Working as her own model, she exhibits all her own creations, giving herself full freedom to experiment the limits of her creativity.

Viviana’s makeup style evokes a cross between anime vixen and mysterious free-spirit. She combines conventional beauty practices with her own innovative quirks to personally express herself. She’s most commonly seen with wavy jade hair, bold matte lipstick and a white china doll-like face. As part of her technique, she’ll create a high level of contrast between her lip contours and fair complexion by boldly lining her pout to pop against the lightness and softness of her face.

Viviana also experiments with horror-themed effects in makeup. In one of her most dramatic posts, she seems entranced with blood-lust, revealing smears of blood over her porcelain-perfect skin. She passively grazes her fingers along her berry-colored lips as if she’s just satisfied a craving for blood. To add some glam to the scene, her nails are filed into chic points with the polish color alternating between black and peach.

In another frighteningly amazing example, she makes her lips appear swollen and bruised with four shallow cuts made from the mouth onto the face. These creations demonstrate her boldness and talent within her craft, allowing her to produce super imaginative cosmetic terrors which make us say wow, but also shiver just a little inside.

Yet, this daring artist also has a funny, laid-back side. Her twitter page is loaded with hilarious thoughts and remarks about the amusing realities of everyday life. On Nov 22, 2015, she tweeted, “Can u leave special orders before u die cause I hope whoever does my makeup for my funeral highlights & contours my face like how I do.” In another recent post she wrote, “Said I was gonna wake up early & try to look like Selena but that didn’t happen por pendeja [by asshole]”. The amazing thing about these posts is that Viviana doesn’t take herself too seriously. Through these light-hearted jokes, she’s able to spread positive energy among her followers.

You can follow Viviana on Twitter @vivvvalencia or check her out on Instagram.