Vlada MUA


Vlada Haggerty is an award-winning cosmetologist based in L.A with an exquisite eye for beauty. Specializing in hairdressing and makeup, Vlada is a striking talent, creating the most intriguing, glowing looks which can light up an entire room. Her designs are particularly distinctive for their dewy-skinned finish, a featured which is loved by fashion editors and has graced the pages of many esteemed magazines.


Vlada was born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine. She began her makeup career in 2011 when she started training at the “Natalia Nayda Makeup School”, one of the best makeup schools in Eastern Europe. Graduating at the top of her class, Vlada was able to enter in the “Open Cup of Russia Independent Championship of Hairdressing, Nail Design and Makeup” in Saint Petersburg. She blew the judges away with her fantasy makeup and runway looks, winning the silver award for overall score.


As Vlada continued her career, her work has been featured internationally in magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar Ukraine, Like a Lion (Australia) and Story (Ukraine). Her models always reveal a stunning lit-from-within radiance, evoking a lovely sensual energy.


Her work can be divided into two main styles: natural and inventive. With her natural looks, Vlada places a lot of emphasis on the skin, using a gorgeous strobing effect to illuminate the planes of the face. She also reveals thoughtful appreciation for the model’s unique features in order to create a more genuine, individualized result. Yet, when Vlada is working from her imagination, she produces looks which are more dramatic. She uses all forms of design and trimmings to fully nail-down the effect — headpieces, tattooing and hair styling all come together to make an unforgettable impact.


Vlada is also a MUA Instagrammer, popular for her Macro series of wild lips. Each image reveals a zoomed-in HD shot of a bedazzled lip. They all vary in color and concept to achieve a radically extreme level of chic and artistry. We see tons of exciting kinds, including strawberry-studded red lips, dripping metallic gold ones, and a blue bejeweled version!


This macro series can be viewed on her Instagram page @vladamua. You can also visit her website and browse through her portfolio at www.vladahaggerty.com or follow her on Facebook www.facebook.com/vlada.haggerty.mua or Twitter @vladamua