Well for starters, synthetic makeup brushes are superior to animal fur brushes, and here are the reasons why:

Synthetic bristles don't need to be sterilized like animal hair does, making our brushes more hygienic and hypoallergenic.

Synthetic brushes don't dry out like animal fur does.

Because Furless brushes don't dry out, they don't become coarse and scratchy like animal fur does.

Furless brushes last FAR longer than animal fur.

Synthetic fibres are FAR softer than animal fur.

Due to advancements in technology, the bristles in our Furless brushes have been crimped to mimic animal hair, to pick up and hold powders like fur does. The argument that synthetic hair does not hold powder is no longer valid.

There is no need for animal involvement whatsoever.

All our products are 100% vegan-friendly.

And, last but not least, we have a video to watch. Please be warned that the video is quite graphic and children should be supervised. If you don't think you can watch, please just listen.

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