Avant-Garde Makeup by Victoria

With a fervent addiction to anything that shines, Victoria’s heart-racing makeup techniques are impossible to ignore. Bursting with rich colors and packed with sequins and shimmer galore, each look is pure eye-candy for the bonafide beauty junkie. Her creations take avante-garde makeup to a whole new level of craftiness. So, if you love things that are unique and experimental in nature, you won’t be able to get enough of Victoria’s brilliance with a brush.


Victoria’s style blends the borders between abstract and high-fashion makeup. It’s fierce, fresh but also wildly imaginative. Rather than worrying about rules and technicalities, Victoria’s work is purely passion-driven. In many of her looks, she applies sparkle or sequins to make a chic statement, but also adds exaggerated and dramatic makeup effects. Overall, she offers the best of both worlds; she’s talented in the high-end, editorial makeup, but can also work her magic through her personal brand of artistry.  She also tends to sensualize makeup, particularly for the eyes, by letting the pigments bleed, spill and drip along the model’s face. This chaotic yet sublime beauty invites us to appreciate the different textures on a deeper level.


Many of Victoria’s creations focus on accentuating the eyes. She combines both carefully-placed applications of makeup and wildly loose brush work to develop her eye looks. There’s also always a balanced sense of harmony with each one. Blue mascara is matched with sapphire sequins, or purple eye shadow is combined with lavender sparkles. It’s always well-planned and seamlessly composed to create the most exquisite snapshots.


Collectively, her Instagram page acts as a professional layout of her work, ranging from practice runs to her most special masterpieces. Each shot is super HD, allowing her fans to experience the full intensity of her creations. Each spec and sparkle radiates as clearly as a diamond, making her portfolio an impressive sight.


Currently, Victoria is using her makeup art to raise money for a trip to New York, so she may reunite with her fiance and have a wedding. If you enjoy her work and would like to help Victoria make her dream come true, you can donate to her cause at You can also visit her Instagram page @wintervea.