Wiwien Jad

For Emotional Makeup Think Wiwien Jad

Wiwien Jad is a Berlin-based artist from Poland. She gives a whole new meaning to the words makeup artist by creating looks of fine art focusing on the eyes and mouth of the face, executing what she dubs 'emotional makeup'. And with 14.2k followers on Instagram, people can't get enough of her wonderfully artistic images of makeup-induced emotion that appears more like a real-life painting than eyeshadow palettes and lipstick colors. 

So what is emotional makeup? It's not the makeup we feel like putting on on a particular day. Emotional makeup is made up of specific makeup styles to project certain emotional elements. Images to make us feel something through the use of color, patterns, props, eye shape and glare. The themes Wiwien Jad displays with her makeup are retro, rockstar, cosmic, seasonal and of course portraiture. The expressions of emotions evoked in her images are ones of love, pity, fear, sadness and suffering. 

The pictures on Wiwien Jad's Instagram are all close up portraits of a single eye or pair of lips. The eye itself portrays emotion in the width and way it's directed. Eyes fully open or lids slouching, almost closed as if just waking or just about to fall asleep. Sometimes the eye is looking directly at you with a penetrating stare. In others, it is looking down or afar into something in the distance we can't see but can imagine through the emotion captured. The eye matches that of the style of makeup: for example, squinting eyes have harsh, cold colors. Rather than being blended together, brush strokes are visibly imprinted around the upper lid and under the eyelid surrounded by dots where the brush has been dabbed. 

The lip images are matte or glossy. Some perfectly shaped, others wildly exaggerated. Fine, silver wire is bent into jigsaw-piece squiggles and positioned in the middle of some of the Insta lip images, whilst others don hand-painted natural designs of flowers and leaves.

Wiwien's collection of emotional makeup shots arouses excitement and awe. We can't wait to see what she does next!