You Need to Stop and Listen to Emma Watson’s UN Speech – #HeForShe


She was wearing a classic white suit, elegant tasteful makeup, and a neat low ponytail. For someone who has been in front of the camera since she was a child, young actress of Harry Potter fame Emma Watson was visibly nervous when she stood in front of the UN recently to talk about gender inequality, feminism and a her campaign, #HeForShe.

Thanks to the Internet and the fact that many people online can type more quickly than they can listen and think, critics were also quick to judge: what does a famous, wealthy and well-educated British actress know about gender inequality?

And the answer is precisely what makes Emma such an impressive young woman. Watson is busy with her duties as a UN ambassador. Not only did she pursue a higher education but she’s also using her popularity and privilege for a good cause—to travel around the world where women are most oppressed and to bring these issues to the fore. The ultimate goal of course is to bring about change.

If you’re one of the people who hate the words “feminist” and “feminism”, listening to Emma’s speech may change your mind. Not only does she explain what feminism is really about (equality instead of “man-hating”) but she beautifully expressed how men play an important role in bringing about change. In other words, feminism is also an issue for men as much as it is for women. She shared touching anecdotes about her father being under appreciated as a parent, or her male friends being unable to express their feeling for fear of appearing less “manly”. Emma made the excellent point of how releasing men from stereotypes can also lead to freedom for women.

So even though Emma’s voice was shaking as she spoke, she showed the world that she did have a voice and that it needed to be heard.

Did you watch Emma Watson’s UN speech? What was your favorite part and do you agree with her points? Feel free to share your opinion below!