The Katie Piper Foundation is the brainchild of international speaker and author Katie Piper. Katie also does TV appearances and runs worldwide campaigns. Most importantly, she is a determined burns survivor.

By the age of 24, Katie was a young, beautiful and intelligent woman whose bright future lay before her. She had a budding career in modeling and TV presenting and was becoming a fixture in the UK public eye. Unfortunately, in 2008, Katie was beaten and raped by a man she was seeing. The same man would also be responsible for her sulphuric acid attack that left her face burned. The acid attack burned almost the entire skin on her face and left Katie blind in one eye.

Katie was treated at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, where she underwent an innovative surgical process. A surgical team, led by Mr. Mohammad Ali Jawad, used a substance called Matriderm in order to replace the dead skin in Katie’s face. This dermal substitute was also combined with grafts of skin from her buttocks and back.

The non-surgical treatment and support that Katie Piper received was an equally important part of her treatment. Aside from the time she spent at the Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, she also received inpatient treatment at Centre Ster in France. This treatment included physiotherapy and support from other burn survivors. Gradually, Katie learned that it was possible to move forward with her life and that she didn’t have to let her scars define and limit her identity. This realization inspired her to start a foundation where other burns victims can recover from their physical—and emotional—scars and begin to heal both on the outside, and the inside.

The Katie Piper Foundation aims to help burns victims improve their overall quality of life. It is also KPF’s goal to assist each burns survivor on their road to recovery, by providing rehabilitation and unrelenting support. The foundation was made possible with the help of top producer and famous personality Simon Cowell.

The KPF helps burns victims through a variety of events and services, including the following:

Fundraising and Workshops.

The Katie Piper Foundation regularly holds fundraising events in the form of balls, concerts, tea parties, bake sales and more. The foundation also holds social events that aim to help burns victims meet other survivors, learn new life skills and improve their appearances and well-being. Examples of these social activities are craft classes, meditation classes, exercise therapies, inspirational talks and more.

Hair Treatments.

The Katie Piper Foundation has partnered with Lucinda Ellery Hair Consultancy in order to provide the best hair options and hair loss management solutions to burns victims who have totally or partially lost their hair due to burns.

Laser Treatments.

Laser treatments have always been among the best and most common treatment for burn scars. Not only does laser treatment improve movement in the scarred areas, but it can also enhance the appearance of scars. The KPF partnered with VIVA Clinic to provide the best laser treatment options for burns victims.

The KPF Forum.

There are many times when nothing is more important to burns victims than support from others who experienced the same ordeal. The KPF is currently planning to put up a forum on the website, so visitors can share experiences, treatments, trials, challenges and positive thoughts with each other.


If you are interested in the cause of the Katie Piper Foundation, then there are ways that you can help the organization. You can donate to the foundation in a variety of ways, including buying simple t-shirts and wristbands for a small fee. You can also organize your own fundraising event in your community, school or office on behalf of the KPF.

To visit the Katie Piper Foundation website, follow this link: http://www.katiepiperfoundation.org.uk/