The TV show Dateline is known for its expose stories that reveal truths about different societies, and one of these stories apparently inspired one celebrity to make a difference. One episode of Dateline explored the underground world of sex trafficking in the southeast Asian country of Cambodia. The story featured girls as young as six or seven being forced into prostitution. Hollywood star Ashton Kutcher watched the story unfold in shock.

After doing some research with then-wife Demi Moore, Kutcher found out that he didn’t have to go as far as Asia to find sex crimes being committed against women on a daily basis. In the US alone, as many as 300,000 girls are being victimized within the sex trafficking industry. In fact, the industry is worth billions of dollars per year.

One of the most surprising things that Kutcher found out was the fact that most of the clients who buy these girls are not the usual leering criminals that you would expect to see in a mugshot. In fact, the average client is described as a middle-aged man who is an upright citizen—with a decent profession, law-abiding reputation and no criminal history whatsoever.

By starting the “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls” campaign, Kutcher hopes to raise awareness about the growing underworld business of sex trafficking. According to  Kutcher, the title of the campaign is designed to grab a man’s attention by appealing to his psyche. After all, most males are concerned with the concept of what a real man is and how to be one. The campaign features a series of short videos that  features a handful of celebrities who are doing their part in sharing the message. Celebrities who have participated in the campaign include Jamie Foxx, Justin Timberlake, Bradley Cooper and Sean Penn among others.

The “Real Men Don’t Buy Girls” videos also aim to give an entertaining twist to public service announcements. For instance, in the “Real Men Know How to Make a Meal” clip, the video shows Bradley Cooper in his backyard, wearing a bathrobe and apparently trying to make breakfast while reading the paper. He takes a carton of milk and pours the milk directly into the box of cereal and directly scoops the cereal from the box. In “Real Men Know How to Use the Remote”, Jamie Foxx is shown watching The Apprentice while opening a bottle of beer with the remote.

Despite the light and fun mood of the videos, the message that the campaign wants to spread is obviously a serious one. The goal of the campaign is to spread the word about sex slavery in order to shine more light on the topic and educate people about what sex trafficking is and how it can be stopped. The campaign also allows advocates to make donations towards organizations that actively work to fight sex slavery and other crimes against women.

To donate, visit the Thorn Digital Defenders Of Children website here: