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This professional blending brush is a true makeup magician! You can use it to blend your shadows or buff your concealer, liquids or powder to perfection. The soft cruelty-free bristles glides smoothly over all your hard-to-reach areas for a flawless finish. This beautiful tool is particularly perfect for blending concealer for a flawless look.


  • Blend in a circular motion, as well as a windscreen wiper motion in your crease, to blend eyeshadows

  • Apply liquid or cream concealer with a concealer brush or your finger, then use this brush to blend in a circular motion under the eye and other areas to give you an airbrushed look

  • Blend multiple shades of lipstick or gloss used on the lip to achieve a seamlessly blended look

  • After applying your lipstick or lipgloss color to your lips, dip the brush into your chosen shimmer pigment and apply to the centre of the lips using a circular motion for a high end look

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